What Our Clients Say

We ordered a special meal for a small dinner party of 10 and everything was delicious. Chef Adam was very helpful with planning the menu and all the food was delicious! I highly recommend!

Great food
Karen Crispino

Hi Adam.... wanted to say thank you for treating us to some of your food last night.... the salmon, potatoes salad rolls, and dips were all absolutely delicious!!  You have some serious skills and a fantastic business idea! Thanks again!

Gene & Joanne Cunningham
Adam - The food was great! I think everyone in the office came and told me how much they enjoyed it.

Thank you!

Rebecca Riley CamaPlan

Thanks for the dinner.  It was a big hit.  One big benefit that my wife pointed out that I didn't realize is that clean up is really easy.  That might appeal to some people.  Keep me posted and thanks again.  It was delish!!

Alfred M. Abel, Esq. Alfred Abel Law

Chef cooked meals are delicious and very affordable. There is a wide variety from, chicken, pork, steak, ribs, meatloaf, fish and more! Adam is a very talented chef. I highly recommend his service!!

Jill Falkevitz Lafferty

I could not have been happier!!! Took a meal for two to mom who was under the weather. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and soup. Honestly, one thing was better than the other! The dressing on the salad was fresh and delicious, soup was amazing and the garlic rolls!!! I might go back just for them. Great value!!!
Beautifully packaged if you need an meal for a friend. I will be back!! Good luck you guys!

Beth Bauer

You’re a stuffed pork was absolutely out of this world delicious. Waiting to hear from my friends if they want another dinner tonight of your baked ziti. I will get back to you. Still dreaming of that pork!

Dr. Bob and Meg Murphy

The ribs were awesome! lots of meat on them. Great rice and homemade beans. Plenty of food! Will def order again

Ann Marie Doll

Picked up dinner tonight spur of the moment. Adam was so nice and the meal was awesome! Definitely ordering from him again!

Lorie Shotz Modelevsky

I ate your food & LOVED it!!! So good. You are gifted!!

Anina Pfeiffer

Fabulous dinner last night my dear...

Bryce says THANK YOU for her special chicken and veggies, she said to offer it as a main meal sometime!


Just had the garlic chicken, potatoes and veggies! It was delicious! So glad I found you guys.

Jennifer Morgan Howie

Best damn meal I have had in a long time. Nice work. Everything was excellent

Steve Labroli

Thanks Adam it was absolutely great
meet falling off the bone my son is taking leftovers for lunch tomorrow thanks again enjoy your night

Frank Pileggi

Omgosh! Everything looks delicious.....if I were closer, I'd probably order everyday. (FYI, I've eaten his food, he is an amazing chef)

Francisca Rivera